OSM at London Linux Expo 2008

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2nd Day at London Linux Expo Live 2008: OJW, Steve8 & Matt
First Day at London Linux Expo Live 2008

OpenStreetMap was at the London Linux Expo Live 2008 ([1]) 23rd - 25th October at Kensington Olympia conference centre in West London.



  • Thursday - Map Map Maps, followed by beer
    • 10:00 - 18:00
  • Friday - Map Map Maps
    • 10:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday - Map map Maps
    • 10:00 - 17:00


We need people to man the booth for 3 days. Contact Firefishy if you want to help.

Name Thursday 23rd Friday 24th Saturday 25th Notes
Firefishy Yes Yes Likely
TomH From about 11am No Afternoon
steve8 No Yes No
Ojw No Yes Afternoon
Rjmunro Yes Possibly No I'd rather not do both Thursday and Friday
Smsm1 Possibly Possibly Yes
Matt Possibly Yes No
Gravitystorm Yes No No
Thomas Wood No No Maybe No
Adam Boardman Until 11am No No


We will be located in the .Org Village.


  • A0 Print of Central London
  • A1 Print of United Kindom
  • A1 Print of World

Do you have any posters?

  • Mikel's Brighton poster? - Matt
  • OJW has an A2-3'ish poster with about 80 featured images on it.


List of needed equipment:

  • Blu-Tack
  • 1x Computer (Notebook or Desktop)
    • JOSM installed
    • USB port for downloading data from GPS
    • Large TFT display - Firefishy
  • 1x Ethernet switch - Firefishy
  • Ethernet cables
  • 230V extension cable, 10m - Firefishy
  • 230V distribution, at least 4-way - Firefishy
  • A few GPS receivers for lending to interested users
  • Garmin HCx for demo of downloadable maps? - Matt
openstreetmap cap
  • 4 OpenStreetMap caps, which anyone manning the booth must wear. - Shaun
  • Bookmarks with some useful links Media:some_useful_linksLINUX.doc. I will bring multiple copies Fri, welcome to copy for Thu - steve8

Anything else needed to represent OSM? Ideas are welcome.


  • Promotion
  • Mini Local Mapping