OSM at OpenSourceExpo 2008

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official web site

25. + 26.05.08 OpenExpo and 26. - 28.05.08 Webinale

We are planning an OSM booth at OpenExpo 2008 (Karlsruhe, Germany) manned by community members.

  • Fabian submited the "Call for Projects"-Request for 25. - 28.05.08
  • Fabian received an positive answer (still waiting for more information)
  • project info online, talk promise still missing

booth info

  • 4qm
  • partition screen
  • counter
  • power ( 1 electric socket : multi socket!!!)
  • no info about internet access!

Who is coming?

please register your coming on the website to get a free ticket! (10€/day without registration)

  • Fabian (probably all days)
  • Hanno (maybe only monday, willing to help at the booth and I could also do a talk if we get one)
  • SlowRider 11:56, 8 March 2008 (UTC) can help with the booth at least on Sunday.
  • Bernd (planning to be on the booth at sunday) sorry, won't work -- Bwurst 08:44, 24 May 2008 (UTC)
  • Wabba (can help at the booth on one of the days)
  • Matt_gnu (not monday 11h-13.30h and not monday evening, no specific times planned at the moment)

Please add you name to the list if you are coming and also indicate if you are willing to help manning the booth.