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Freemap is a site which provides OSM maps aimed at walkers (hikers), showing contours and public rights of way. I aim to re-vamp the site this year and would like to use this page to collect ideas for Freemap and for OSM software for walkers (hikers) in general.

Freemap is UK centric at the moment but there is nothing in the code which inherently ties it to the UK so it could be deployed anywhere.

Main Hiking page

See also Hiking

Ideas list

Please list ideas for OSM software for walkers (hikers) here...

  • Ability to report problems with footpaths (blockages etc) - DONE
  • Marking the routes of Walking Routes, especially the long-distance ones. (Maybe either an intermittent symbol like OS does, or a semi-transparent highlight)
  • Rendering of stiles, gates, kissing gates and other barriers at higher zooms.

Other OSM-based Maps usable for Hiking


I read on talk someone suggested a dedicated mailing list for hikers. I'm not sure we would be a big group, but I do support the idea. I would also prefer if we also accept "skitourers", mountain bikers, climbers, horse-riders, as we all share interests in DEM / path / ... sletuffe 23:48, 12 March 2010 (UTC)