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Do not confuse with the BaseCamp software for Garmin devices.
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OpenStreetMapBaseCamp logo w413.png

OpenStreetMap BASECAMP - Community Space for Local Mappers, created initially by volunteers to help recovery efforts and assist the many displaced people in Eastern Japan, after the dramatic earthquake and tsunami in Sendai.

What is OSMbasecamp?

OpenStreetMap BASECAMP: Regional mapping site. The above logo is used as a symbol (or mark) for existing regional community-base sites so that mappers can find them. It was started at the recovery effort for the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the Kamaishi AOBA became its first basecamp.

OSMbasecamp has received the support from Hack for Japan and OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan (OSMFJ), but it has been mainly led by OSMFJ recovery map team (person in charge: Furuhashi), and is gradually spreading across the country. As a mapping base site for recovery effort and also as a center for the crisis mapping center of logistic support activity in case of a large-scale disaster, human & physical network is being established. OSMbasecamp for Resilience, which opens only in an emergency, has also established.

  • WiFi access
  • Power outlets
  • It does not have to be free, however, we'd appreciate if it is available for all at no charge.
  • Some location can provide mapping tools such as GPS.

OSM basecamps currently registered (30)

Currently known OSMbasecamp for resilience (1)

Since this is a mapping site for disaster or emergency, it is usually closed.

How do I register?

If the condition above has been met, you can freely be registered.

Please contact me (Furuhashi), and I will send you the logo-sticker to be attached to the entrance.

Please enter the position information in OSM as follows:

How do I write the positioning into OSM?

Use the following tag to add to nodes.



No WiFi, but is power supply available?

WiFi access point has been established by FC2 free of charge.

FC2 WiFi router that has the network same as FON was provided by FC2, with the function to divide intra ciruit & public circuit securely. However, it is assumed that there is wired LAN. For the details, please refer to the following URL.

Please contact Furuhashi for other inquiries.


OSMbasecamp supporters

OSMbasecamp activity has been sustained by the support of the following members. Specifically; support to hold the mapping event, donation of mobile terminal such as used iPad, WiFi access point support, etc. We appreciate all the support we receive from everyone!

@k_zoar, @kochizufan, @tosseto

[Warning] Beware of fraudulent activity falsely assumes our name

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