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Sendai (仙台市), Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

latitude: 38.26, longitude: 140.87
Browse map of Sendai (仙台市) 38°15′36.00″ N, 140°52′12.00″ E
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Sendai (仙台市) is a city in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan at latitude 38°15′36.00″ North, longitude 140°52′12.00″ East.

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Sendai is a city on the east coast of Japan, with of 1 million inhabitants.

Current mapping activity

TODO: Feel free to translate this into japanese if preferred

The oooc map reveals some recently activity e.g. by user 7dhd.

Earthquake/tsunami response

The city of Sendai was struck by a catastrophic earthquake and tidal wave back in 2011. At this time the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team mounted a response mapping effort to boost coverage of the city. The map of Sendai was worked on by people all over the world in an effort to provide map resources to disaster responders. In Sendai general city coverage was improved by armchair mapping. The devastated area close to the coast was initially mapped as wetland. This has since been updated and reconstruction work is indicated on the map. It is hoped that OpenStreetMap continue to form a useful open licensed mapping resource as Sendai rebuilds and recovers

See 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami for more details.