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OpenExpo is a fair and conference series about opensource software. It takes place twice a year -- in spring in Berne in fall in Zürich.

Next Event

Wednesday, March 24, to Thursday, March 25, on the BEA expo fair ground in Bern. There will be a small OSM booth.

More information

For more information about the fair, take a look at the offical website. Please check the Talk mailinglist for discussions about the project booth, too.

Planning to attend

  • Karl Guggisberg - Wed 09:00 - 17:00 (if Sean is available in the morning, I'll be there in the afternoon. In any case, I'll be there at 08:30)
  • Andreas Fuchs. Thu 09:00- 17:00
  • Sean Boran Wednesday 8:30 - 11:30 : I don't know you all, but will be available - just tell me what do do (via talk-ch). I'm a Mapper of Blonay/St.Legier who speaks EN/FR/DE and uses the iphone for tracks. I visit BE three times a week usually..
  • Andy Stricker - Wed 09:50 - 17:00
  • Patrick Stählin - Wed 09:50 - 17:00

At the booth

Date Time Who
Wed 24 08:30 Karl, Sean, Andreas - meeting at the booth, preparing the booth
Wed 24 09:30-11:30 Sean, Andy, Patrick
Wed 24 11:30-17:00 Karl, Andy, Patrick
Thu 25 09:00-17:00 Andreas



Network connectivity and current is available at the booth. Not sure whether there is WLAN too. We need to bring in:

What Who
bus bar (Stromschiene) Karl
LAN cables to connect Andreas' desktop Karl

The organizers suggest to bring switches and/or hubs too but this won't be necessary for us.


  • Desktop (Slim) + 17"TFT (for both days) - Andreas Fuchs
  • Garmin Vista HCx - Andreas Fuchs
  • iPhone with OSM Apps (only when i'm at the booth) - Andreas Fuchs. Same for Sean Boran.
  • Garmin Colorado 300 with OSM maps - Karl Guggisberg
  • Android Milestone with OSMdroid - Patrick Stählin

Posters / Maps

The OpenExpo organizational comitee offers to plot posters up to size A1 free of charge. They expect printable PDFs by March 17. Gubaer is taking care they get the PDFs in time. Current candiates for ploting:

Info: Posters got printed and should be available at the booth at the first day. Gubaer 08:47, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Other candidates (please add additional links for further candidates):

  • Printout of a map of Berne (ca. A1?). Here's a map generated by MapOSMatic.
  • Printout of map of Port-au-Prince. Showcase for OSM mapping effort in a humanitarian crisis.
  • There is a (Germany-centered) Roll up made by FOSSGIS - maybe you can lend it or use it as an inspiration. Poster in action at FOSSGIS 2010 --t-i 21:52, 9 March 2010 (UTC)