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The campaign started when Lee's forces crossed the Potomac River into Maryland after Second Manassas, on September 4th 1862, and ended when his forces retreated back into Virginia near Shapardstown after the Battle of Antietam, on September 19th. Antietam was the bloodiest single day of the American Civil War.

Current Work

The road and path network and major water features are currently being entered using the first of the 1908 Cope Maps.

Area around Sharpsburg, MD & Antietam Battlefield


The Cope Maps

Lt. Col. E. B. Cope surveyed the Antietam battlefield under the general direction of Ezra Carman of the Antietam Battlefield Board and produced a stunning series of maps showing the position of the forces at various points during the day, along with topographic information. The maps also show details such aswhat crops were planted in 1862. There are two editions of the map set, one from 1904 and a second, revised and improved, in 1908. The 1908 series are available as high resolution TIFF files from the Library of Congress. The first map in the series has been aligned in for use in building the base map.

Carman Manuscript

Ezra Carman, who served as a Federal officer throughout the Civil War and commanded a unit at Antietam, would after the war become the most notable member of the Antietam Battlefield Board. He was comissioned to write a pamphlet, which ultimately evolved into a manuscript of considerable length. Completed around 1909, the manuscript would not be published until 2008, but was regularly mined by historians researching the battle.

For this work, the edition being used is the one edited by Tom Clemens, published in 3 volumes by Savas-Beatie.


All map sources used to date are public domain, and the map geometry and names are all licensed CC0.


The primary mapper for this project is Richard Welty/nfgusedautoparts