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This page is a draft and only contains suggestions.


(marked on a bridge over the line)

On Network Rail lines, ref=* can hold the Engineer's Line Reference (ELR). For instance ref=MLN1 or ref=BGK. This is usually marked on bridges and level crossings. An ELR and mileage together define a location on the Network Rail network.

The standard GB electrification system, as defined by GL/RT1210, is electrified=contact_line, voltage=25000, frequency=50.

“Light” railways

Many railways in Great Britain have names ending in “Light Railway” because they were authorised under the Light Railways Acts 1896 and 1921. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be tagged railway=light_rail: most of them are operated like main-line railways and should be tagged railway=rail or railway=narrow_gauge.


Tunnels on Network Rail infrastructure usually have names displayed along with the length of the tunnel at the tunnel portals. This can be tagged as tunnel:name=*.

Main Signals

Light Signals

Junction Signals

Light Signals

Shunt Signals

Light Signals

Limit of Shunt Signals

Light Signals

Signal Documentations

Signal boxes

name=Downham Market

Signal boxes are usually labelled with their names, and sometimes with their signal prefixes as well. The name can obviously be tagged using name=*, and the prefix could be tagged with railway:ref=*.