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Entur Norwegian Public Transport Mapping Initiative


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Entur’s mission is to enable and increase the use of public transport in Norway. We use OpenStreetMap as a source for routing in OpenTripPlanner (walk, bike, transit, flex etc.). For this reason we have a continuous project ranging from large scale imports down to minute footway edits, or updating objects we use as POI's in our journey planner. The project does not have a specific scope beyond fixing anything that helps our product. We take great care to not stray from OSM best practice for and general mapping rules.


Mapping director is User icon 2.svgENTUR Johan Wiklund (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.).


Due to the wide scope of our mapping efforts, a tag would not make sense.


We do not have a timeframe. As long as OSM is a data source this project will be ongoing.

Main activities overview

  • We have focused a lot of our efforts on completing the Norwegian road network. The progress can be viewed here.
  • We have also given a lot of intention to footrouting around public transport stops (any mode of transport) in order to ensure correct footrouting when accessing the stop, or for interchanges at the stops.
  • We have conducted wide reaching clean-ups/standardisation jobs to improve the quality of a select set of POI's. This includes schools, medical centres, churches and many other things.
  • We use internal tools/reports to detect potential routing problems, and attempt to resolve these issues in OSM.
  • We continually use feedback from our journey planner users to find new issues which we fix as best we can.

Tools and Data Sources

We'll be using standard OSM tooling and the standard Norwegian Ortophoto map layer. We will also make use of our own national stop registry as a partial data source.


Our team consists of the following OSM users:


We also cooperate and co-train with other public transport organisations from Norway, such as Ruter and Kolumbus.


All our mappers are permanent or temporary direct employees of our company, Entur AS. All senior mappers have been trained in JOSM, the principal rules for mapping, the scope of our project and are consistently active mappers. All junior mappers have been given basic training in specific tasks and may or may not be active mappers. Employees that have left their roles as mappers, or former employees are listed as 'retired'.


Due to the nature of our project and the consistent usage of our mapping in our own products, we see quality assurance and clean up as part of the ongoing project.