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This is an attempt of the Greek community to document the directed editing activities of Kaart in Attica, Greece during 21 to 27 October 2018 (groundwork timeframe), which are based on their ground survey. Post-processing will occur after groundwork from street level imagery that will be captured during Kaart's groundwork and uploaded to Mapillary under the KaartCam account.

About Kaart

Wiki page they created Kaart
OSMF Corporate Member? Yes (2018-09 data)

Map editing activity

Area, timeframe, hashtags, person of contact

Area Attica, Greece
Timeframe October 1st, 2018 - ??
Hashtags used
  • #Kaart 2018 (not unique)
  • #Kaart Ground Survey 2018 (not unique)
Person of contact Aaron Young

OSM accounts involved

Name OSM username hdyc and osmcha Account since Other info
Gray theArchDruid hdyc, osmcha 2018-05-14
Ryan Whimsical Otter hdyc, osmcha 2018-01-13
Gary garylancelot hdyc, osmcha 2018-01-19
Daniel Te-Ika hdyc, osmcha 2016-03-24
Corban Corban8 hdyc, osmcha 2016-07-10
Ian Baconcrisp hdyc, osmcha 2016-04-04
Kiana pizzagal hdyc, osmcha 2018-03-12
Jonathon spuddy93 hdyc, osmcha 2018-07-25
Jake CoolGuyJake hdyc, osmcha 2018-02-26
Leanne LSkalayo hdyc, osmcha 2018-01-09
Michelle MichNicole hdyc, osmcha 2014-03-21
Jorge JAAS hdyc, osmcha 2015-10-19
Jon JuanVerde hdyc, osmcha 2015-12-22
Joe _Poliwrath_ hdyc, osmcha 2018-08-30
Aaron vespax hdyc, osmcha 2015-06-01
Jason AnonJason hdyc, osmcha 2018-11-26
Taylor vorpalblade77-kaart hdyc, osmcha 2018-10-29
Christy mama_bear hdyc, osmcha 2017-11-13

Changesets so far

To find the changesets in Attica that have "KAART" in their description, go to and use the following filters:

  • Date = From 2018-09-30
  • Comment = Kaart
  • Country = Greece

Types of edits

in progress - information supplied by the company

  • Road Classifications
  • Highway Surface Types
  • Adding Street Names
  • Road Name Consistency
  • Highway lane tagging (turn lanes, bus lanes, etc.)
  • Roundabout corrections (fixing connecting nodes and relations)
  • Turn Restrictions
  • Traffic lights
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Ref Tags for major highways (including destination:ref tags)
  • Relation Fixes (including bus routes, destination signs, etc.)
  • Highway Link Corrections
  • A few POI’s (Large hotels, banks, and Gas Stations)
  • Address:housenumber and address:street tags as we see them.
  • General validation checks and fixes

Types of problematic edits

Types of problematic edits, as reported by community members.

in progress

Did you notice a problematic edit?

  1. Please leave a message on the changeset. If noone replies after a reasonable time, inform the community and contact Aaron Young.
  2. Please add the type of the mistake on this wikipage, or message code elusive to update this wiki page. Please do this even if the problem was eventually fixed. Keep in mind that KAART might survey other Greek cities in the future.