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Lupang Arenda Community Mapping , Santa Ana, Taytay, Rizal

This is a stub page for the organized editing activity led by barangay Santa Ana in Taytay, Rizal.


A barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines.

The mapping initiative is the direct undertaking of the Santa Ana barangay goverment's registry department, initially, to map the "Certificates of Land Occupancy" (CELO) they distribute to the community. After completing this goal, they hope to further improve the data to create hazard and vulnerability maps to support their local Disaster Risk Reduction programs.

Volunteers from the OpenStreetMap community in the Philippines are monitoring and supporting this activity remotely (via email, video conferencing) through an active ticket , in the local issue tracker.


The following barangay staff are directly involved in this project:

Person Role Organization Email OpenStreetmap
Katherine Belano chief Barangay Registry Division [1] kayebelano
Marianne Mores staff Barangay Registry Division [2] mariannae , mariannemores


The mapping project is uniquely using the following tags to store some information they want to put on the map:


The mapping activities was noticed in December 2018.

Tools and Data Sources

Editors are contributing data using iD, FieldPapers, and survey data from the field.


The mapping contributors are led by permanent barangay staff, and largely composed of various students who are doing fulfilling their internship with the barangay.

Person Role Organization Email OpenStreetmap
intern Joebertsss
- MrSpade
- Edmichael
- cyberzeus
- josepgpagatpat
- Edmichael
- Knowell
- Kywon Dann
- christianpaul
- Reder Nudalo
- kennethcabatbat
- espejonorielyn
- escaranranissa
- Jonas Pitogo, formerly "Daisymayevacastro"

Post-Event Clean Up

The Barangay Santa Ana Registry Division staff will personally go through their team's edits after the event is over, for validation and to address any outstanding issues.


The map will be primarily used by the barangay local government to visualize, track the issuances of the CELOs. Eventually, they plan to improve the data for use with their local DRR programs.