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Mapbox Contribute is a feedback tool intended for improving data on Mapbox maps using local knowledge of people all over the world.

Every Mapbox Map has a “Improve This Map” (like on the picture below) feature that allows users to use the Mapbox Contribute feedback tool to easily submit feedback about and improvements to our map data. The tool today allows users to report missing roads, edit/update POI or Address data, or add a speed limit sign in their localities. Also, users have an opportunity to suggest edits of any other layer of the map by writing a detailed comment. All feedback reported through this system is reviewed by the Mapbox data team, verified with ground-truth sources, validated, and used to make updates to key datasets like OpenStreetMap, and others that power Mapbox maps.

The project is supported by the editors, the list of whom is presented here: Mapbox

Unique hashtags to be used in the upcoming changeset comments

We are using this hashtag to indicate that the changeset was submitted by the Mapbox team. #mapbox_contribute

The goal of the activity

The goal of the project is to improve data on Mapbox maps in all regions of the world especially in those where there is a lack of data.

The timeframe for the activity

This is an ongoing project. This project is going to be active on a constant basis so there are not any time borders.

Ground-truth sources that are used on the project

For OSM edits we use the following ground truth sources: Bing, Esri, Maxar satellite imagery, and street-level sources such as Mapilary, Bing Streetside, OpenStreetCam.


In addition to these sources, we also use information and details (e.g. photos) that were originally attached to the feedback that was submitted.

Non-standard tools and data sources

TO-FIX which displays all feedback from users of Mapbox Contribute in an appropriate way and allows our team to process it and make edits on OpenStreetMap if necessary. In conclusion, in case of a need to improve the Mapbox map, the easiest way to do that is to reach out to our team via Mapbox Contribute.


Results that will be shared with communities regularly

The results will be displayed as the overall amount of changesets made by our team in OpenStreetMap in the /mapping repository.

The coordinating person or organization

We welcome feedback from local mappers. If you want to suggest an edit or ask a question about our work you can contact Roman at [[1]] or post a comment in a changeset.