Organised Editing/Activities/Mapping road smoothness in Eastern Region, Ghana

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The road smoothness attributes will be used as input to travel time models. Road smoothness affects driving speed and could be important in emergency cases. Aside from modelling travel times, the data can be used to visualise road conditions and target road works. Particularly, areas with bad road connectivity can be identified for improvement.


The focus is mainly on adding smoothness=* on selected highways / roads in the Eastern Region of Ghana that have been surveyed or information collected from drivers who are usually on these roads.

Our focus is on adding smoothness=* to existing roads and improving them as well.


December 2021




Eastern Region -

Focus on map features

  • Road network


  • JOSM

Data collection

  • Public data (aerial images) for mapping with OSM
  • Field work using printed maps for notes
  • Local knowledge from users/drivers
  • GPS Traces
  • Public street-level images / Wikimedia Commons


Data collected and mapped into OpenStreetMap will be used for network analysis / accessibility of health facilities in the Eastern Region.


Enock Seth Nyamador

Samuel Darkwah Manu

Team members