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Scope is an internet and mobile map application developed by the Czech company, a.s. The application allows you to browse maps globally. This wouldn’t be possible without utilizing geographic data from the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project.

Based on these data we are able to offer our users several map types to choose from, such as tourist, winter or tactile maps. It also allows us to add additional functions to our app that can also be used worldwide, like planning, searching, 3D view and many others. We also offer a free mobile app featuring functions like offline tourist maps, tracker and navigation.
Our goal is to fix or report bugs in OSM that we encounter, improving points of interest and adding new ones. When editing, we do our best to follow editing rules, standards, conventions and good practice.

Main activities

In all cases we try to follow the OSM editing rules. When not sure, we insert a note instead of editing the data directly. Please contact us if you feel we are out of bounds. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Here are the main areas we focus on:


  • disconnected roads
  • access bugs
  • restriction bugs


  • correcting tags
  • adding missing tags

Points of interest

  • updating information (website, contact, etc.)
  • correcting position
  • adding new points of interest


  • adding wikidata links

Duplicate entries


Petr Fukátko - mapping coordinator. Contact info:
Personal account: User icon 2.svgPetr Fukátko (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.))


Our hashtag:


We plan to continue improving the OSM data.

Tools and Data Sources

iD and JOSM editor. Standard tools and sources from those editors. Public informations. In rare cases we use photos sent with feedback for verifying.


Reported issues