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In December 2020, Andres Gomez saw that the quantity of open notes for Colombia was big, and no-one was working on that. He started alone, but in May, he decided to invite the community to help him in this challenge. The initial objective was to solve the note from Bogotá, but soon people from other cities joined the call. Then, the objective was to close all old ones, with the purpose to leave only the recent notes.

The notes are the best way of interaction between a map user (who does not know how to map) and the mappers (specially those in armchair). In this way, the user's feedback will be easily translate into a map improvement, and the user will see that its comment / feedback was processed, in other words he was heard, and he will continue to send feedback.

This project aims to be replicated into other countries in Latinamerica. For this reason it was initially called ONL - OpenNotesLatam. Chile has been close all notes, and he is only closing recently open notes.

This article describe the project: ES:Colombia/Resolución de notas(es).


You can contact the work team from Telegram: As this project is initially in Colombia, you can also contact by any of the Colombian channels, like Telegram or talk-co.

You can also contact the team by commenting the changesets.

Community Consultation

The consultation has been continuos by asking how to map certain types of elements, specially by the Telegram Channel (OSM Colombia). Also, the Colombian Guide for mapping has been improved with the notes, and these changes have been discussed with the community, sometimes also using the Talk-co list.


The hashtag used in our commits as well as the comment when closing the notes is: #ONL

As part of the comment of the note, we also include a link to a dedicated page of the notes in the wiki, as well as the Telegram channel.


We started as a grupo in May 2021, and we hope to close all old notes by the end of December 2021. After this, the resolution of notes for Colombia will just be for the recently open, keeping a very low quantity of open notes.

Tools and Data Sources

We are using different tools to identify and close the notes:


The members of the team are:

Measuring our Success

We continuously measure our progress with the Neis Pascal page, where we can see how many old notes are still open, and how many have been close. Also, it allows us to identify the mappers continuously adding notes, which is a good thing, because they are contributing with the map.

Also, we see the quantity of reopened notes, to identify a problem solving the notes.


Each Saturday, since May we created meetings via Meetup to give instruction how to resolve notes, and help with the map.

Post-Event Clean Up

We keep an eye on the notes list from Neis Pascal, and we check the reopened ones. We also check the changeset with the hashtag #ONL to see if there are comments.


We will share our results in the Latinamerican meeting on January 29th, 2022. We hope to see that other countries get involve in this activity.