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see Osm2pgsql/benchmarks

This page is intended for people to collect osm2pgsql benchmark results, so that others can get an idea how long a certain import will take on their infrastructure. Feel free to add new columns or re-format the existing data if you have good ideas.

It is also recommended to add the full output of osm2pgsql to the talk page, at least for the time being, so that if someone thinks that other columns should be present in the table they can retrieve the value from that.

rev date who area format CPU RAM disks nodes/s ways/s rels/s total time commandline
27036 2011-11-14 Frederik planet pbf Dual Opteron 6164 36 GB plain HD/SSD mix 137k 17k 37 37h 44m --tablespace-main-data ssd --tablespace-main-index ssd -C 15000 --slim --number-processes 6 --cache-strategy dense