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Hardware: FR:Servers/Hardware#Dell_R610Dell R610 with dual Xeon 6 cores (+hyper-threading): total 24 cores (with HT) @ 2.93 GHz + 64GB RAM

SSD on PCIe: Samsung 840 Pro 512GB on Apricorn Velocity X2 PCIe/SATA3 adapter

OS: Debian Wheezy openvz VM under Centos 6.5 based host

VM: 48GB RAM, no CPU limit, /ssd mount in addition to /

France import (2013-12-02): 4295s

Planet 2013-11-13 import with hstore and flatnodes (to be updated by diffs): 35014s (9.7hours)

Diff updates are done with a 40-50x speed ratio (40-50minutes done in 1mn).