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Istituto Amedeo Avogadro

OsmGuineaBissau is a project presented by 5A info 2019/20 of the IIS A. Avogadro located in Turin.

The project is focused on OSM and the aim is to map a village situated in Guinea Bissau, with also a census of the village population.

We Have also created a video presentation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj0iqdUjjAA) that describes the project.

The following people ask contributed to the realization of the project :

  • Salvatore Merola with the Abalalite association, which during a period as a volunteer in Guinea Bissau provided us important data and information about the place;
  • Marco Brancolini as OpenStreetMap technical consultant;
  • Alfonso Carlone e Paolo Nesi, as representative of the class.

What's Abalalite?

Abalalite Onlus is a non-profit association based in Leini (Turin) aimed at organizing volunteering and international cooperation in the developing countries raising awareness and promoting solidarity events in economically more developed countries, for example making courses for the understanding of the Italian language for migrants and publishing intercultural documents. The Abalalite association allows you to enter in the world of the international solidarity through participation in activities in Italy and Guinea Bissau. In many Italian cities is possible to collaborate to carry out project promotion and foundraising initiatives and through these activities to propagate a culture of social justice and peace in the world.

Moreover, Abalalite supports and contributes to some projects like the construction in the village of N' Tchangue in Guinea Bissau, a well to give drinking water to around 1500 people, for daily purposes and for irrigating vegetable gardens.

OsmGuineaBissau Project

The OsmGuineaBissau project is focused on OpensStreetMap with the aim of mapping the surrounding area and the village of N' Tchangue based in Guinea Bissau. It will be an autonomous mapping for what cencerns streets, buildings and fields that can be easily recognized with the OSM ID label. Then, with the consulting of Marco Brancolini, an OSM expert, we will specialize for a final mapping including rice fields, wells, silos, fences, and much more, also thanks to the participation of Salvatore Merola, volunteer of Abalalite association on-the-spot which will provide us important info about the place in the community.

Tools Used

For create this project we have used:

Logo dell'Editor ID
  1. Editor ID
  2. OpenRefine
  3. HOT Tasking Manager with a special project created by Marco Brancolini[1]
  4. Trello
  5. MySQL
  6. PHP
  7. HTML
  8. Cascading Style Sheets
  9. GitHub

Teacher and consultant who contributed to the project

Surname and Name Responsability Account Osm
Carlone Alfonso Docente [osmuser:alfcar62 alfcar62]
Nesi Paolo Docente Pnesi
Brancolini Marco Consulente Osm mbranco2

Class 5°A Informatic
Surname and Name Account Osm
Arneodo Alessandro Arneodo Alessandro
Confalonieri Manuel Manuel Confalonieri
Del Gaudio Josè Antonio Jose del Gaudio
Emmanuello Enrico EnricoUG
Ferraiuolo Pasquale FerraiuoloP
Gobbi Dennis De01
Lizzi Fabrizio Fabrizio Lizzi
Melito Simone melitoo
Menjivar Alessio Platero AlePl00
Muntianu Andrei Razvan AndreiMunti
Piacenza Lorenzo Lorenzo810
Rombolà Francesco Rombolà
Scursatone Matteo Scursa
Terlingo Davide Davide Terlingo
Uberto Gabriele Hùbert
Vasilis Daniel DanielVasilis
Useful links:

Area still to be mapped: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/11.9961/-15.4924

Italian page of the project: OsmGuineaBissau Avogadro