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Osmarender outputs SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files as detailed on this page.

See the general SVG page other ways of working with OpenStreetMap and SVG. (TODO: move general SVG info off this page)

SVG Profiles

SVG supports different so-called profiles. The normal, full-featured profile is called "SVG Full". The "SVG Basic" and "SVG Tiny" profiles support less features, they were developed for mobile devices which don't quite have the computing power of your desktop. SVG Tiny does not support CSS styling, symbols and texts on paths. Those are all things needed for Osmarender maps, so there isn't much chance to get by it. SVG Basic supports all those things and it should be possible to make slight changes to Osmarender to work with SVG Basic.

SVG Basic does only allow <rect/> elements as clipping paths. Currently the only thing where clipping paths with something else are used are tunnels.