Peterborough, New Hampshire

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Peterborough, New Hampshire, New Hampshire, United States

latitude: 42.888, longitude: -71.942
Browse map of Peterborough, New Hampshire 42°53′16.80″ N, 71°56′31.20″ W
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Peterborough, New Hampshire is a town in New Hampshire, United States at latitude 42°53′16.80″ North, longitude 71°56′31.20″ West.

This page refers to the town in New Hampshire. For other uses, see Peterborough (disambiguation).

Local Information


Peterboroughis a town in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. It is surrounded by 7 towns: Greenfield, Temple, Sharon, Jaffrey, Dublin, Harrisville, Hancock.

Town Border Relation: relation 361448