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Arivac donated Bohol data

The research consortium Arivac has been gathering GIS data in Bohol during their medical research. In their effort to help the local community, they decided to release it for public use.

The data was collected by driving with GPS units, and resulted in an extensive coverage and several thousands of POI's in more than 60 categories.

Current Map (Zoom here)
Bohol 20100309 lr.png
Evolution (Zoom here)
Bohol anim mapnik 11s.gif

Preview of the donated data:

Pois Highways Comparison of Arivac roads (red)
and OSM (blue)
Arivac bohol POI lr.jpg Arivac bohol Road basic lr.jpg Arivac osm road compare.png


Proposed process

  1. Create a separate wikipage and an osm username (arivac_bohol).
  2. Matrix of data features and the corresponding osm k=v.
  3. Convert a subset to osm format for review purposes.
  4. Contact all bohol mappers and the osm-ph list for comments and review. Invite them to join the talk-ph list to continue discussions and options for importing the data.
  5. Import the data when there is group consensus.

Proposed tags


Tag for all ways and POI Nodes


POI tags

Proposed tagging for POIs

code name OSM key OSM value 2nd key 2nd value other key other value
1 Barangay health station amenity clinic clinic public
2 Hospital amenity hospital
3 Sari-sari store shop convenience
4 School amenity school
5 Daycare center amenity kindergarten
6 Barangay hall amenity public_building
7 Church/Chapel/Worship amenity place_of_worship
8 Market amenity public_market
9 Shopping mall shop mall
10 Plaza leisure park
11 Sports field leisure sport_centre
12 Doctor's house amenity doctors
13 Private clinic amenity doctors
14 Pharmacy amenity pharmacy
15 Government/Private office amenity public_building
16 Hardware/Paints/Construction supply shop hardware
17 Videoke/Bar amenity bar videoke yes
18 Eatery/Restaurant/Bakery/Coffee shop amenity fast_food
19 Internet cafe amenity cafe internet_access yes
20 Pawnshop shop pawnshop
21 Beauty parlor/spa amenity hair_dresser
22 Car/motorcycle/bicycle shop/metal/car distributors shop car_parts (temporary tag)
23 Water refilling station shop water_refilling
24 Appliances/Electronics/Mobile phones shop shop electronics
25 Hotel/resort/Lodge/Inn tourism hotel
26 Purok place hamlet
27 Waiting shed highway? bus_stop? shelter yes building shed
28 Municipal office amenity townhall
29 Convent/Seminary/Monastery amenity place_of_worship place_of_worship convent
30 Cemetery landuse cemetery
31 Water well man_made water_well
32 Bridge bridge yes
33 Funeral home amenity mortuary
34 Corn/rice mill shop corn_rice_mill
35 Reservoir landuse reservoir
36 Gas station amenity fuel
37 Chicken farm landuse farm
38 Prison amenity prison
39 Orphanage amenity orphanage
40 Fire station amenity fire_station
41 Lotto outlet shop betting
42 Antique shop shop antique
43 Gym / Fitness Center amenity fitness_center
44 Bottler's corp landuse industrial
45 Tourist spot tourism attraction
46 Furniture shop shop furniture
47 Laundry shop shop laundry
48 NAPOCOR (National Power Corporation) building yes
49 Terminal amenity bus / jeepney / tricycle / ferry_station
50 Native products shop shop native_products
51 Bank amenity bank
52 Souvenir shop shop souvenir
53 Commercial building building commercial
54 Harbor man_made pier
55 Photocopier center shop copyshop
56 Photo center shop photo_studio
57 Tailoring shop tailor
58 Ticketing outlet amenity vending_machine vending public_transport_tickets
59 Lending institution shop pawnshop -> I think this is similar to a pawn shop, not a money-change
60 Bridal gown shop shop apparel
61 Funeral home amenity mortuary
62 other
63 other
64 other

Sample tagging OSM Tags

FIXME:add names and proper tags

Arivac reference

arivac:typetxt:Barangay health station


The received data don't have any useful attributes that matches the OSM tagging (no names and highway types).

FIXME:verify road type
arivac_ID_ROA_BAS_: some number

Options for import

Option 1 : Create a several osm tiles. Announce the public download link to users. Allow mappers to merge and edit existing data.
Pro: Local users can merge data.
Con: Local users need to know how to import, merge...
Option 2 : One time import of all the data then allow mappers to fix.
Pro: All data is imported directly, arivac user keeps credit.
Con: Duplicated roads are sometimes difficult to remove.
Option 3 : Pre-process data to remove any duplicates from existing OSM data before upload.
Pro: Data is usable directly after import, arivac user keeps credit.
Con: Higher work load before import.


Roll Call

The collection and transfer of ARIVAC location data to OSM was performed by:


  • Diozele Sanvictores - Supervision
    • Michelle Andamon
    • Corazon Ardon
    • Sochette Bautista
    • Emilissa Fuerte
    • Marichu Guillena
    • Angelie Karaan
    • Bianca Camela Olalo
    • Jean Rosette Ramao
    • Mae Suaybaguio


  • Totor (OSM)


  • Leilani Nillos (DOH - Research Institute for Tropical Medicine)
  • Emmanuel Sambale (OSM)


  • Antti Lehtinen (Aalto University, School of Economics)
  • Antti Tanskanen (THL)

Post import tasks

  • Some intersections look a bit weird (4 roads join 2 by 2, then a link joins the 2 nodes instead of 1 common node for the 4 segments). Remove the small way (with 2 nodes) and merge the 4 road ways into one node.
  • Add road names and proper highway category. Remove the FIXME tag aftewards.
  • Add POI names and correct POI tag.
  • Remove duplicate POIs.
  • Remove non-existing POIs.