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Znaki szczytowe and Daymarks

The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts.

This page defines values for the "seamark:topmark:shape" and "seamark:daymark:shape" tags and other attributes applied to these objects.


Kształt (TOPSHP) seamark:topmark:shape
Użycie Wyświetlanie
Solid cone with vertex uppermost Stożek skierowany ku górze Znak lewej strony szlaku Top CU.png
Solid cone with vertex lowermost cone, point down Port lateral marks Top CD.png
Single sphere kula Znak bezpiecznej wody Top SR.png
Two spheres mounted one above the other 2 kule Znak izolowanego niebezpieczeństwa Top ID.png
Cylinder (can) mounted vertically cylinder Znak prawej strony szlaku Top LP.png
Rectangular board tablica Tablica informacyjna Top BD.png
Cross mounted with arms diagonally znak "x" Znak specjalnego przeznaczenia Top XS.png
Cross mounted with arms horizontal and vertical krzyż Znak specjalnego przeznaczenia Top CR.png
Cube mounted with a vertex uppermost cube, point up
Two vertical cones with their vertices adjacent 2 stożki skierowane szczytami do siebie Zachodni znak kardynalny Top CW.png
Two vertical cones with their bases adjacent 2 stożki skierowane podstawami do siebie Wschodni znak kardynalny Top CE.png
Rhombus (diamond) romb Top RH.png
Two vertical cones with both vertices uppermost 2 stożki w górę Północny znak kardynalny Top CN.png
Two vertical cones with both vertices lowermost 2 stożki w dół Południowy znak kardynalny Top CS.png
Bundle of twigs tied at top besom, point up Lateral starboard perch Top BPU.png
Bundle of twigs tied at bottom besom, point down Lateral port perch Top BPD.png
sphere over rhombus
Equilateral rectangle with sides horizontal and vertical square Top SQ.png
rectangle, horizontal
rectangle, vertical
trapezium, up
trapezium, down
Triangle with vertex uppermost triangle, point up Top TU.png
Triangle with vertex lowermost triangle, point down Top TD.png
2 upright crosses
triangle, point up over circle
upright cross over circle
rhombus over circle
circle over triangle, point up

Other Attributes

Attribute seamark:topmark:<attribute>
Wiki Page
Colour (COLOUR) colour Colours
Colour Pattern (COLPAT) colour_pattern Colours
Attribute seamark:daymark:<attribute> Wiki Page
Category (CATSPM) category Special Purpose Marks


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