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Special purpose marks

The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts. This page defines values for the seamark:buoy_special_purpose:category=*, seamark:beacon_special_purpose:category=* and seamark:daymark:category=* tags.

Semark special purpose category for
Category (CATSPM) Buoys Beacons Daymarks Definition
Firing danger mark firing_danger_area firing_danger_area firing_danger_area A mark used to indicate a firing danger area, usually at sea.
Target mark target target target Any object toward which something is directed. The distinctive marking or instrumentation of a ground point to aid its identification on a photograph.
Marker ship mark marker_ship marker_ship marker_ship A mark marking the position of a ship which is used as a target during some military exercise.
Degaussing range mark degaussing_range degaussing_range degaussing_range A mark used to indicate a degaussing range.
Barge mark barge barge barge A mark of relevance to barges.
Cable mark cable cable cable A mark used to indicate the position of submarine cables or the point at which they run on to the land.
Spoil ground mark spoil_ground spoil_ground spoil_ground A mark used to indicate the limit of a spoil ground
Outfall mark outfall outfall outfall A mark used to indicate the position of an outfall or the point at which it leaves the land.
ODAS odas odas odas Ocean Data Acquisition System
Recording mark recording recording recording A mark used to record data for scientific purposes.
Seaplane anchorage mark seaplane_anchorage seaplane_anchorage seaplane_anchorage A mark used to indicate a seaplane anchorage.
Recreation zone mark recreation_zone recreation_zone recreation_zone A mark used to indicate a recreation zone.
Private mark private private private A privately maintained mark.
Mooring mark mooring mooring mooring A mark indicating a mooring or moorings.
LANBY lanby lanby lanby A large buoy designed to take the place of a lightship where construction of an offshore light station is not feasible.
Leading mark leading leading leading Aids to navigation or other indicators so located as to indicate the path to be followed. Leading marks identify a leading line when they are in transit.
Measured distance mark measured_distance measured_distance measured_distance A mark forming part of a transit indicating one end of a measured distance.
Notice mark notice notice notice A notice board or sign indicating information to the mariner.
TSS mark tss tss tss A mark indicating a traffic separation scheme.
Anchoring prohibited mark no_anchoring no_anchoring no_anchoring A mark indicating an anchoring prohibited area.
Berthing prohibited mark no_berthing no_berthing no_berthing A mark indicating that berthing is prohibited.
Overtaking prohibited mark no_overtaking no_overtaking no_overtaking A mark indicating that overtaking is prohibited.
Two-way traffic prohibited mark no_two-way_traffic no_two-way_traffic no_two-way_traffic A mark indicating a one-way route.
Reduced wake mark reduced_wake reduced_wake reduced_wake A mark indicating that vessels must not generate excessive wake.
Speed limit mark speed_limit speed_limit speed_limit A mark indicating that a speed limit applies.
Stop mark stop stop stop A mark indicating that special caution must be exercised in the vicinity of the mark.
General warning mark warning warning warning A mark indicating that special caution must be exercised in the vicinity of the mark.
Sound ships siren mark sound_ship_siren sound_ship_siren sound_ship_siren A mark indicating that a ship should sound its siren or horn.
Restricted vertical clearance mark restricted_vertical_clearance restricted_vertical_clearance restricted_vertical_clearance A mark indicating the minimum vertical space available for passage.
Maximum vessel's draught mark maximum_vessel_draught maximum_vessel_draught maximum_vessel_draught A mark indicating the maximum draught of vessel permitted.
Restricted horizontal clearance mark restricted_horizontal_clearance restricted_horizontal_clearance restricted_horizontal_clearance A mark indicating the minimum horizontal space available for passage.
Strong current warning mark strong_current strong_current strong_current A mark warning of strong currents.
Berthing permitted mark berthing berthing berthing A mark indicating that berthing is allowed.
Overhead power cable mark overhead_power_cable overhead_power_cable overhead_power_cable A mark indicating an overhead power cable.
Channel edge gradient mark channel_edge_gradient channel_edge_gradient channel_edge_gradient A mark indicating the gradient of the slope of a dredge channel edge.
Telephone mark telephone telephone telephone A mark indicating the presence of a telephone.
Ferry crossing mark ferry_crossing ferry_crossing ferry_crossing A mark indicating that a ferry route crosses the ship route often used with a 'sound ship's siren' mark.
Pipeline mark pipeline pipeline pipeline A mark used to indicate the position of submarine pipelines or the point at which they run on to the land.
Anchorage mark anchorage anchorage anchorage A mark indicating an anchorage area.
Clearing mark clearing clearing clearing A mark used to indicate a clearing line.
Control mark control control control A mark indicating the location at which a restriction or requirement exists.
Diving mark diving diving diving A mark indicating that diving may take place in the vicinity.
Refuge beacon refuge_beacon refuge_beacon refuge_beacon A mark providing or indicating a place of safety.
Foul ground mark foul_ground foul_ground foul_ground A mark indicating a foul ground.
Yachting mark yachting yachting yachting A mark installed for use by yachtsmen.
Heliport mark heliport heliport heliport A mark indicating an area where helicopters may land.
GPS mark gps gps gps A mark indicating a location at which a GPS position has been accurately determined.
Seaplane landing mark seaplane_landing seaplane_landing seaplane_landing A mark indicating an area where sea-planes land.
Entry prohibited mark no_entry no_entry no_entry A mark indicating that entry is prohibited.
Work in progress mark work_in_progress work_in_progress work_in_progress A mark indicating that work (generally construction) is in progress.
Mark with unknown purpose unknown_purpose unknown_purpose unknown_purpose A mark whose detailed characteristics are unknown.
Wellhead mark wellhead wellhead wellhead A mark indicating a borehole that produces or is capable of producing oil or natural gas.
Channel separation mark channel_separation channel_separation channel_separation A mark indicating the point at which a channel divides separately into two channels.
Marine farm mark marine_farm marine_farm marine_farm A mark indicating the existence of a fish, mussel, oyster or pearl farm/culture.
Artificial reef mark artificial_reef artificial_reef artificial_reef A mark indicating the existence or the extent of an artificial reef.
Ice Mark ice ice ice
Nature reserve mark nature_reserve nature_reserve nature_reserve
Fish aggregating device fish_aggregator fish_aggregator fish_aggregator
Wreck mark wreck wreck wreck
Customs mark customs customs customs
Causeway mark causeway causeway causeway
Wave recorder wave_recorder wave_recorder wave_recorder
Jetski prohibited no_jetski no_jetski no_jetski


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