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The idea is for each person to select an area (use the table below) and use NPE map background and Landsat images to comprehensively populate the map with places, so that we end up with every place name in the UK represented.

Primarily we are interested in putting place markers on all the towns and villages. In addition please consider adding mountain peaks and generally reviewing the area for problems, for example with coastline. If it can be done with sufficient accuracy, rivers would be good to add as well.

David.earl has been spearheading this idea. See original mailing list post


There is an online POI editor which allows you to easily scroll around the NPE map adding points of interest.

Alternatively, use JOSM with the WMS plugin.


This is not a real party gathering. It's an online "virtual" party.

The original idea was to make this a "party" in that we get stuck all at once, and do it as a concerted push. To make this happen we probably need to chose a date (and start time/end time)

Start date : May 16
End time : ideally May 31, but can be revisited

Alternatively we could just call it a mapping "project", if we are just going to chip away at the task whenever we feel like it.


Most of the areas are one or more whole degree squares. Where there's a little chunk of land in an otherwise disjoint area, I've included it with the obvious square.

By all means do more than one, but just take a square at a time please.

I've suggested excluding certain metroplitan areas because they have changed so much since NPE maps were published that what we add might well be inaccurate.


Area list - choose your squares here

Area Centred on Rough description Notes Editor (your name)
1 50.5N,5.5W Land's End includes Lizard Point which is south of 50° Keiththomson
2 50.5N,4.5W
south Devon silverfish
3 50.5N,2.5W Portland Bill
4 50.5N,1.5W
Isle of Wight to Brighton nickw
5 50.5N,0.5E
Eastbourne, Hastings, Canterbury and Kent coast pray4mojo
6 51.5N,5.5W
South-west Wales beware NPE mis-spellings of Welsh placenames Welshie
7 51.5N,2.5W Bristol Channel Started on the West, moving East. Progress stalled at present. --Gwall 13:43, 8 June 2007 (BST) GrahamW
8 51.5N,1.5W Swindon and Oxford
9 51.5N,0.5W West of London suggest places only outside M25
10 51.5N,0.5E Thames Estuary suggest places only outside M25 DrMark
11 52.5N,5.5W
mid Wales David.earl
12 52.5N,2.5W Hereford to Shrewsbury Richard
13 52.5N,1.5W West Midlands suggest outside Birmingham M6/M5/M42 ring Blackadder
14 52.5N,0.5W Northamptonshire
15 52.5N,0.5E Cambridge to The Wash dotbaz
16 52.5N,1.5E eastern East Anglia
17 53.5N,4.5W
Anglesey and north Wales includes western part of the Wirral but not the Lancashire coast Comsomol
18 53.5N,2.5W Manchester and Liverpool suggest outside the M60 ring Peter James
19 53.5N,1.5W Sheffield and Leeds The very top of this square, central Leeds and north, has been done east to west Jon
20 53.5N,0.5W Lincoln and Hull
21 53.5N,0.5E
Lincolnshire and Yorkshire coasts JClark2906
22 54.5N,7.5W Fermanagh and Tyrone includes a small section of NI west of 8°W
23 54.5N,6.5W Lough Neagh
24 54.5N,5.5W
Belfast, IOM and Stranraer includes all of Stranraer peninsula but not Cairnryan
25 54.5N,3.5W Western Lakes excludes any of Galloway. All places done, + all lakes/tarns. Going back for significant rural roads and mountain peaks. [1] steve8 (also sq26 as far E as M6)
26 54.5N,2.5W Eden Valley ^^
27 54.5N,1.5W Harrogate up to Newcastle Michael Collinson
28 55.5N,7.5W
north NI coast, Islay, Kintyre and Arran excluding little bits of Galloway and Stranraer
29 55.5N,4.5W Ayrshire suggest not including urban Glasgow
30 55.5N,3.5W Southern Uplands of Scotland includes southern tip of Galloway Marscot
31 55.5N,2.5W Borders watch out for the Kielder Water which won't be on NPE Marscot Scottish side
32 55.5N,1.5W Northumberland coast twohats
33 56.5N,7.5W
Western Isles includes all of Skye
34 56.5N,5.5W Oban, Fort William and eastern Mull
35 56.5N,4.5W Rannoch Moor
36 56.5N,3.5W Perth Rightway
37 56.5N,2.5W Dundee, Arbroath and Montrose excludes south of Firth of Forth
38 57.5N,5.5W Wester Ross excluding Skye
39 57.5N,4.5W The Great Glen including Black Isle
40 57.5N,3.5W Nairn and the Cairngorms
41 57.5N,2.5W
Aberdeen and Fraserburgh
42 58.5N,5.5W
Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney and Shetland


Just as a reminder:

  • Places are represented with the following tags
    • place=hamlet/village/suburb/town/city
    • name=*
    • is_in=county,region,country (or some combination thereof)