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The project OpenFireMap highlights the fire stations and hydrants.


Fire stations

Fire station
Fire station polygon, rendered in mapnik
Fire station node, rendered in mapnik

How often do we walk past the fire station without giving it a second thought? Once in a while we might hear the sirens of the engines as they roll on a call. And we all pull over to let emergency vehicles pass.

The Project of the Week is to map your local fire station.

Tagging suggestions

Fire stations can be mapped as a node or an area.

Required tags

The only required tags for a fire station are

Optional tags

Add the station building, platform and rails if they aren't already present. In some stations it might also be practical to add a way or polygon for the railway platform.

  • name=* include the name or station number of the the fire station.
  • operator=* include the fire department or municipal operator.

Add addressing information for the fire station as well.

Surrounding amenities

Are related amenities around the fire station? Does the station also serve as a drop-off location for a local food bank or other social agency?

Is the fire station co-located with a police station, ambulance or paramedic station? Add those as well!


This graph shows that mappers added fire station polygons faster than usual during the week 49 Project of the Week.

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