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Places of worship

Some places of worship
Various religious emblems are rendered in various tile sets

A place of worship serves as a meeting place, a place to celebrate or remember and as a focal point of a community. Some places of worship are useful in navigation as a distinctive or tall building.

The Project of the Week is to add local places of worship to the map.

Tagging suggestions

Places of worship can be mapped as a node or an area. As with other objects in OpenStreetMap, best practice is to only map an object once. That is, as a node or as an area, but not both for the same object.

Required tags

The only required tag for a place of worship is

Recommended tags

It is recommended to also include additional tags to provide more detail.

Be sure to include the address as well.

  • building=yes # add the building tag if you are mapping the outline of the building.

Optional tags


These graphs show the number of places of worship in the OpenStreetMap database and are updated once per hour.

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