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Have a toothache and the dentist will see you tomorrow? Perhaps a mild analgesic will help you sleep restfully. New shoes are a little tight? This bunion cushion might take the pressure off while your shoes and feet adjust to each other. The pharmacy might not be your first choice of a place to be but you'll be happy to find a pharmacy that's open late, in a strange town, when you need one. Let's add the local pharmacies to OpenStreetMap.

Tagging suggestions

There are two basic tags for a pharmacy with a pharmacist who can fill prescriptions from your doctor in addition to the name of the business. The amenity=pharmacy tag and the dispensing=yes tag. The second tag, dispensing=yes is important because in some jurisdictions there are pharmacists who can sell over-the-counter drugs but can not fill (dispense) prescriptions. Be sure to add dispensing=yes when appropriate.

As with most points of interest, add the addressing information too, please. You might want to draw the outline of the building as well.

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