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Ryman stationary shop.jpg

A stationery shop may seem outdated in a paperless, electronically connected world. But there is something more formal about getting a card or letter in the mail, something joyful in the anticipation of opening an envelope, thick with greetings and dreams, from an old friend. Let's put the local stationery shop on the map.

Tagging suggestions

A stationery shop may be represented as a point or an area in OpenStreetMap.

Required tags

The only required tags for a stationery shop are

Optional tags

Add addressing information for the store as well.

Wheelchair accessible?


These graphs show the number of shop=stationery objects* in the OpenStreetMap database and are updated approximately once per hour.

  • The "recent" line shows the number of objects added recently. It is a rough indication of PotW activity over the last little while, nominally an hour. The "PotW" line indicates the start and end of the project period. It is imperfect and still manages to be fun.

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