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A shop selling office supplies Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Group: shops
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A shop selling  stationery - paper, notebooks, festive cards, envelopes, pens, pencils and other related supplied for home, school and office use.

Office supply shops may also sell furniture or electronics, but if it is primarily stationery use this tag.

An example of these in the USA would be Office Depot, Staples, and Office Max.

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Tag it with shop=stationery. Add name using name=* or use noname=yes to mark that shop has no name.

Tags used in combination


See also

  • shop=newsagent - Shop primarily selling newspaper and magazines (quite often offer some stationery)
  • shop=gift - A gift shop. Primarily sells gifts or gift cards, but often sell wrapping paper, sticky tape, envelopes.
  • shop=craft - An arts and crafts supply store.
  • shop=books - A bookshop. But If it primarily sells blank-page books then that would be more of a stationery shop.
  • shop=art - A shop selling artwork. If it primarily sells art supplies, use this tag instead.
  • shop=hardware - More workshop supplies than office supplies. Tools, nails and screws.
  • shop=electronics - Electronics. Can be office oriented and selling stationery supplies too.

Possible tagging mistakes

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