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Parking for scooter / kick-scooter
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Waldamsel
Tagging: amenity=scooter_parking
Applies to: node
Definition: Parking place for kick scooter

Rendered as: Picture
Draft started: 2021-12-23


The attribute amenity=bicycle_parking describes a public parking space for bicycles. Although the construction can be quite different, the connection or adjustment options are basically limited to bicycles.

Small kick scooters or small electric vehicles can usually not be properly parked and connected to prevent theft due to their design, wheel and steering tube height on bike racks.

There are now also suitable parking spaces for scooters. To do this, the steering tube is pushed into a holder just above the ground, the bracket is closed and secured with a padlock that you have brought with you.

On the other hand, no bicycles can be sensibly connected to a scooter storage facility.

The illustration of bicycle parking spaces is not very helpful for the scooter driver when looking for a suitable parking space. On site, e.g. at a train station or school campus, the scooter parking options may be more difficult to notice due to their smaller design.

For this reason, I think it makes sense to differentiate between the two types of parking spaces in order to make the scooter driver aware of a suitable parking space.

There is currently no meaningful attribute for scooter parking spaces.

For information on relevance, see the detailed information in the examples.


Additional properties can be assigned in the same way as bicycle parking spaces.









Image Link Description Tags
Kick-Scooter Parking Place at Railwaystation Alfter-Impekoven
A parking location dedicated to kick scooters.

Whether electrically powered scooters can also use this kind of parking space depends on the individual wheel size and overall height.
In order to be able to make a statement about the relevance of this construction type, a manufacturer informed me on my request that he sells 10,000 parking spaces per year. With an assumed number of 8 parking spaces per unit, this corresponds to 1250 mappable parking spaces per year.
--Waldamsel 23. December 2021




Parking KickScooter.svg (16 x 16 Pixel)


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