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Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: meihou
Tagging: landuse=school
Applies to: area
Definition: area of a school complex

Draft started: 2015-10-11
RFC start: 2016-01-20

This proposal is obsoleted by Proposed_features/Multiple_schools_on_one_ground


Used to tag a school complex. an area containing different school (amenity=school) sharing the same location.


In France and other european countries, schools can be gathered in a school complex. the school complex have defined limit and a name. Thus it can be represented by a way. the schools contained does not have defined limits. They can be scattered throught several building inside the complex and one building can be shared by several schools. school can be represented by a node with amenity=school.

Fo the school complex area to be rendered, it can be tagged with amenity=school but this is wrong as it is not a school itself and will cause the Osmose validation tool ( to report error as french school must have a ref:UAI tag ( an ID for french schools).

This tag is already widely used in france because the french page of FR:Tag:amenity=school advise to use this tag for school complex.


Below an exemple of a school complex, Institution Notre-Dame de la Tilloye in Compiegne [1]

Exemple landuse school.PNG

The same school complex in the french rendering of OSM ([2]) which already render landuse=school



Key Value notes statistics
landuse school A school complex which contain several amenity=school

Applies to



Can be rendered the same way as amenity=school area.

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