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Relation "Provides feature"
Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Snusmumriken
Tagging: type=provides_feature
Applies to: relation
Definition: Associates a map feature such as entrance or address with a POI

Draft started: 2012-12-08

This is a proposal for a Relation to associate an object such as a restaurant, hotel or museum with one or more map features such as addresses and/or entrances.

The rationale behind this relation is that there are many map features that exist in the OSM database as independent elements but which are associated with other elements and that it provides additional information to the database to document that association.

A simple example is the association between a restaurant and an entrance, both represented as nodes. A bit more complex example is a restaurant that is associated with three different entrances, one main, one wheelchair and one service entrance. The two previous examples could as well have been about cafés, hotels, museums or other POIs.

An other use for this relation is to associate an address to a POI. This relation is especially useful if there are many POIs with the same address. Instead of duplicating the address information on all the POI nodes, it is better to create an independent address node and associate that to the POIs.


Key Value Discussion
type provides_feature


Way or Node Role Occurrence Discussion
node way relation target exactly one The target/POI/receiver of the map features provided by the other members
node address zero or more An address node
node entrance zero or more An entrance node
node way parking zero or more A place where one can park when visiting the target
<other> The list is open-ended. The list of possible roles can expand in the future.

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