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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Map per wiki
Tagging: information=helpdesk
Applies to: node, area
Definition: A place where one can get information and help.

Draft started: 2023-05-06
Proposed on: 2023-08-25
RFC start: 2023-08-25


Proposing helpdesk as a new value for tourism=information, information=*. The new tag is supposed to be used for places where one can get information and help. Moreover the subkey helpdesk_type=* is proposed to specify the type of information. helpdesk_type=public_transport shall be used for helpdesks of a public transport company where people can get information and help, e.g. in case of delays. helpdesk is explicitly not ment to be used for places selling tickets, these should be tagged as shop=ticket.


OSM lacks a tagging scheme that fits to the "DB Information", the information desks of the german rail company. These places offer help and information but don't sell tickets and therefore can't be tagged as shop=ticket. Most of them are currently tagged as a tourist information (information=office) although they are not tourist informations. Other "DB Information" places are tagged with public_transport=service_point (see OpenStationMap#Service_Point). "service point" isn't proper english however [1].


Picture Key/Value Description
DB Information Munich.jpg tourism=information
A place where one can get information and help from a public transport company, e.g. in case of delays, but can't buy tickets
Box office of Shosha station.jpg shop=ticket A ticket shop or box office. Sells tickets for concerts, events, public transport, etc.


name=DB Information
operator=Deutsche Bahn
opening_hours=Mo-Su 07:00-21:00

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