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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: b-unicycling
Tagging: vandalised:=*
Applies to: node, way, area
Definition: Marks a feature as vandalised, i.e temporarily out of order or not fulfilling its full purpose due to vandalism.

Draft started: 2023-09-17
RFC start: 2023-09-17


It is proposed to establish a new lifecycle prefix vandalised: for features (mostly amenities) that have been rendered out of order due to vandalism. They can still be repaired or replaced and thus do not deserve the status disused yet.

It could be useful to add a StreetComplete quest to check on the status of these amenities after a certain amount of time.


If the vandalised features are rendered differently (slightly more transparent on the map) or not at all, this might prevent disappointment when looking for a certain amenity and discovering that it is not usable (AED, bicycle repair station, bus shelter).

It could help local authorities to check on the status of amenities to make sure they are in order (drinking water fountains etc). It might be an incentive for them to engage more with/ on OSM.

Mappers have been using the concept for years already, however, it is not documented and there is a mix of British and American spelling present.


Add the prefix vandalised: to the key amenity=* or emergency=* or whatever applies.

This is only to be used on elements that have been vandalised in a situation of relative peace; do not mark whole towns as vandalised after an air raid or such like.

Do not tag every graffitied wall/ post box etc. as vandalised.

You can add vandalised:check_date=*, so it is clear when the feature was last seen in its vandalised state. If it is already vandalised when you map the feature for the first time, you can alternatively use survey:date=*, but since the vandalised state is hopefully temporary, an extra tag should go on the vandalised key.


Examples for vandalised amenities[1]
Image Tags
Gevandaliseerd bushokje, Julianadorp.jpg vandalised:amenity=shelter
Mailbox NL Dec. 2019.jpg vandalised:amenity=post_box
Vandalised telephone kiosk - - 3784732.jpg vandalised:amenity=telephone
Beschädigte Tischtennisplatte am JCRG 20210904 HOF05258.jpg vandalised:leisure=pitch + sport=table_tennis
Linkebeek vandalisme 2.jpg vandalised:information=guidepost
Heavily vandalised sign, Feijenoord, Rotterdam (2021) 02.jpg vandalised:traffic_sign


  1. I'm sorry that most of these examples seem to be from the Netherlands; that's just because vandalism there is so well documented on WikiCommons.


Either more transparent or not at all.

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