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Could the nessesery section of the building not be seperatly tagged with a a value under the already exsisting amenity key?. Like amenity=emergency_hospital? (poor example but you get the jist). Otherwise a new key needs to be created for emergency, wich seems a little unorganised as not many things would fit under it.

The sybols are good in layout, but the green is definatly too light to sit on white. Could either the green be darker, or the sections in the center of the green areas be black or black in outline?

ben. 20:52 18th Nov 2006 (UTC)

An alternative method could be to use a generic 'class' key which could be used for many other keys i.e. classes of airport: major, minor, classes of school: infant, primary, secondary, private, state etc. This would also enables many classes of hospital to be generated i.e. Emergency, Mental, Materinity, Hospice.

This the tag beomes

<tag k="amenity" v="hospital" />
<tag k="class" v="emergency" />

The problem with tagging part of a building is that you would end up with two symbols on the hospital which could cause layout issues particularly when A&E is on the ground floor of a tower block with a fairly small footprint.

Having taken your comment onboard I have darkened the sysmbol up a shade and you are right it is much mere discernable.

Original: Hospital AandE.png Darker Version: Hospital emergency v2.png

Batchoy 10:26 19 November 2006 (UTC)

I definatly prefere the new darker green. Asuming there is no objections, could they all be changed to this?. As for the tags, I prefer class=emergency. I think status= or type= would also fit, and save a new catagorie for each. ben. 22:36 20th Novemeber 2006

Selection of tags

I'm thinking that perhaps references to emergency facilities should be red rather than green. In particular, this should allow multiple tags for the same entity. At my local hospital, the A&E department is around the back of the hospital, and to get there you continue on the main road for about 200m after the posted turning for the main entrance[1]. Chriscf 14:07, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

The choice of red vs. green is purely a cultural issue (I would choose red for emergency versions of what would ordinarily be a green icon - and the darker of the two greens at that). The icons should not, IMO, be a requirement of the redrafted proposal. Keep the icons a suggestion, a MAY. If we mess around trying to decide what colour to paint this particular bike shed, we'll never get anywhere. Choice of icon is a rendering issue, and should not delay the proposal.
What you say about multiple entrances for different parts of a hospital area is true. However, I do not think this should delay the proposal: it is valid for a hospital *area* to say that it has an A&E section *somewhere*. IMO the best way forward for saying "... and go *here* should you need stitches" would be something along the lines of Proposed features/building entrance. The A&E wing of a hospital is not the hospital itself. Let's go with the KISS principle and say just that this tag is a property, and is for adding more info to existing (medical treatment) nodes or areas. --achadwick 17:59, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

Added to Map Features

I have now added a reference to "emergency" to the appropriate section of Map Features and created a proper amenity=hospital page which links to this proposal. I think the rendering suggestions could also be transferred there but stopped short of doing that myself.

I have taken note of the discussion re. the question "where on the hospital campus is A&E exactly" but this must not discourage people from tagging whether or not the hospital has A&E at all. The A&E will usually be prominently signposted once you get there, and we can probably also solve this with a relation on the data side, but we must not drag this out forever until someone comes up with something. The "emergency" tag is actively used and deserves to be documented.

--Frederik Ramm 10:29, 31 October 2008 (UTC)

Tag "medical"

I think we should have an amenity "medical" with keys "hospital, emergency, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacy " instead of starting with hospital=dentist, hospital=surgery and doctor=surgery... --Lulu-Ann 14:37, 31 October 2008 (UTC)