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Accept area in addition to node
Status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Bilbo
Tagging: [[Key:<multiple>|<multiple>]]=[[Tag:<multiple>=<multiple>|<multiple>]]
Rendered as: Add area to most node features. Currently used icon should be shown in center of area, area rendered as appropriate
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2008-02-17


For many features (place of worship, castle), there is only type of node allowed in specification. However, these structures can be quite large (sometimes even several hundred meters or even few kilometers), therefore it would be useful to allow to map them as areas as well.

Therefore: node should be changed to node area (and the description updated accordingly) on the following features:

Applies to

  • waterway=boatyard (these can be quite large for large ships)
  • aeroway=aerodrome (to mark entire airport area, which is often fenced (and guarded) and several kilometers large)
  • man_made=works (industrial buildings can be very large)
  • man_made=power_hydro, power_nuclear, power_fossil (powerplants can be very large too)
  • amenity=place_of_worship (200meters long cathedrals in big cities, churses generally are quite big as well. Mosques and other sacred buildings too)
  • amenity=recycling (larger recycling facilities)
  • amenity=fuel, restaurant, fast_food (those around highways can be relatively large buildings too)
  • amenity=bus_station (bus stations with 10-50 platforms are quite common in Czech Republic for example (even relatively small cities have one, larger cities have several of them) and these span quite a significant area)
  • amenity=fire_station, library, theatre, cinema, courthouse, bank, prison, arts_centre (sometimes they can be quite a large building in larger cities)
  • tourism=hotel, motel, guest_house (some of these can be large, especially some hotels in mountains)
  • historic=castle (often large structure as well, several hundred meters)
  • historic=monument (large per definition "An object, especially large and made of stone....", therefore candidate for area)
  • military=bunker (few of the bunkers are quite large fortresses for several dozens of men. Kind of modern castle...)

Perhaps also others (In end I think almost all, except really small features like telephone booths and post boxes should be allowed to be areas, but the above list is IMHO reasonable start). I guess that if the feature can be larger than say 30 meters, then allow an area.


Icon for the feature could be placed in middle of the area, or it could be solved as in Parking - user have to place icon explicitly in addition to area.


Similar proposal, but only for place_of_worship is already in Proposed features/Place of Worship.

Discovered another similar proposal for airports only: Proposed features/aerodrome (area). --Bilbo 01:01, 18 February 2008 (UTC)

Related: highway=service should also accept area. I frequently encounter yards around industrial and commercial sites which are often used partly for parking but also for machinery and other uses. Many residential blocks have areas with access to back gardens, garages and services. Typically these are extensions of ordinary service roads and most naturally described in that way. osmarender already renders these area in just the right way, whether by design or accident. I have found no other obvious way to tag these places. (User:messpert)

  • I'm new here. This proposal seems important to me, and I wonder why administrative areas (countries, provinces, counties, municipalities, districts etc.) are not included in the proposal. -- 14:38, 10 March 2009 (UTC)