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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Kylenz
Tagging: man_made=borehole
Applies to: node Node
Definition: A bore used for a purpose not covered by petroleum_well or water_well

Draft started: 2021-09-22
RFC start: 2021-09-22


This proposal suggests a new tag man_made=borehole for  Boreholes, which may be used for bores that are not covered by man_made=petroleum_well or man_made=water_well.

It also proposes that the tag direction=extraction/injection/both may be used in combination.


There is already a tag for petrol/oil/gas wells: man_made=petroleum_well. There is also a tag for water wells, man_made=water_well.

However, none of these work for geothermal bores, or boreholes used for monitoring/probing/research.


They should be mapped as a node Node, tagged with man_made=borehole. Just like petroleum_well and water_well.

There are two relevant subkeys:

Purpose of the bore Tag
Extraction of petrol/oil/gas man_made=petroleum_well + substance=petrol/oil/gas
Extraction of water man_made=water_well
Extraction of geothermal steam man_made=borehole + substance=steam + (direction=extraction - optional, implied)
Extraction of superheated geothermal water man_made=borehole + substance=hot_water + (direction=extraction - optional, implied)
Re-injection man_made=borehole + substance=* + direction=injection
Both re-injection and extraction man_made=borehole + substance=* + direction=both
Environmental monitoring man_made=borehole
Geotechnical investigation man_made=borehole
Probing for a substance man_made=borehole
Research man_made=borehole
Measuring temperature man_made=borehole
Unknown purpose or unknown substance being extracted man_made=borehole

Discouraged tag combinations:


  • As always in OSM, if a bore is only used temporarily and then filled back up, you should not map it.
  • If the physical hole or structure remains, but is not being used, then man_made=borehole can be used with disused=yes



Maps that render man_made=petroleum_well should consider rendering this tag.

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