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HK Kln Bay evening Kai Cheung Road 啟祥道 Sino Industrial Plaza yellow line crossway Wang Kwong Road.JPG
Further refinement for nodes already tagged with highway=crossing or railway=crossing Edit or translate this description.
Group: Crossings
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Documented values: 7
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Status: draft

Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: bkil
Tagging: crossing=*
Applies to: node area
Definition: where pedestrians and bicycle users may cross roads

Rendered as: various
Drafted on: 2018-10-27
RFC start: 2018-10-27
Vote start: *
Vote end: *

We should clarify the meaning of existing tags in the wiki and perhaps suggest a slight tweak to make it sustainable. A major reworking of the whole system is out of scope of this proposal.



Based on values from taginfo:

If there is a traffic island in the crossing you can tag the island crossing=island


We should prefer to move all the crossing=animal stuff to crossing_ref=* and then reserve crossing=* for the technical categorization.

  • zebra is marked but uncontrolled (if it is controlled you can use other value)
  • pelican,panda,tigger,toucan,pegasus are controlled with traffic lights
  • pelican and panda is only with traffic lights .Pelican is the evolution of panda
  • tigger means bicycle=designated and toucan means bicycle=yes.
  • pegasus means horse=designated

All the animal stuff is British. They called the crossing like with some characteristic thing of some animals.

  • [2] Zebra: with black and white poles called Belisha Beacons. In the UK they are uncontrolled but marked.
  • [3] Pelican:(previously pelicon crossing, which stood for "pedestrian light controlled crossing"). Crossing with traffic lights and a button to cross. Controlled traffic sign crossing.
  • [4] Panda:As pelican but with a "light traffic light" with two lights for drivers and only the word cross for the pedestrian people
  • [5] Tigger: iniatially was yellow and black. Now are the crossing for bicycles. Attached to the zebras
  • [6] Toucan: "Since two-can, both pedestrians and cyclists, cross together, the name "toucan" was chosen." Big sense of humour. If you take a Tigger and a pelican then you will have a Toucan crossing. Controlled with traffic lights and a button. If the button and the pedestrian/cyclist traffic light is at the same place when you start to crossing and not in the opposite it is called puffin crossing [7]
  • [8] Pegasus: for horses



  • Copy & pasted the excellent description of "yo paseopor" from the mailing list, thank you for this writeup!