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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: kennioje
Tagging: [[Key:barrier=*|barrier=*]]=[[Tag:barrier=*=drop_bollard|drop_bollard]]
Applies to: node, way
Definition: Bollards which normally provide a barrier=*, but can be moved or removed, and thus provide no barrier.
Rendered as: Show the same a barrier=bollard, but maybe a different colour? Green?
Drafted on: 2011-02-09


Some bollards are removable, and so their access permissions can change depending on circumstances. When raised or in place they provide a normal bollard (and should be treated as such). When lowered they provide no obstacle, and therefore should be ignored by routing engines. They can have their own access permissions, such as being lowered for deliveries, etc.


I suggest a new tag, rather than adding a type= because of the profound difference these have on routing.

Add access=* tags to set permissions for those who may have unrestricted access through the bollard (i.e. when it is lowered or removed). E.g. access=delivery

Add more specific tags for those who have access all the time, whatever the position (or, of course, never have access. This may be best on the ways leading from the barrier, but is permissible on the barrier itself.). E.g. bicycle=yes hgv=no

Some drop bollards are used only at certain times, and so hour_on=*, hour_off=*, day_on=* and day_off=* tags could be used.

Could also use automatic=yes for remotely controlled, or autonomous bollards.


The same as a barrier=bollard, but could be a different colour, such as green.

Features affected

Only barrier=bollard, which would then only describe fixed bollards which are not designed to be moved.


Thank you

Thanks, Joe --Kennioje 23:47, 9 February 2011 (UTC)