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Describes whether a door is automatic and which mechanism activates it. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: man made
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Automatic doors are doors that are button operated, by user detection (Camera, Infrared sensor, floor pressure detection) or that are turning all the time.

This information can be important for disabled people, also add when a door does not open automatically.


Feature Tagging Picture
Door doesn't open automatically automatic_door=no
Boswells of Oxford - store closing - entrance.jpg
Button operated automatic_door=button
Pushbutton door opener.jpg
The door opens when a sensor detects motion in front of the door. automatic_door=motion
Automatic Door with Bars.jpg
The door opens to pressure on the floor in front of the door. automatic_door=floor
Turning all the time (revolving door) automatic_door=continuous
Library of Birmingham - Discovery Terrace revolving doors working again (33468014712).jpg
Turning all the time, button to slow down automatic_door=slowdown_button
opens automatically, no further details known automatic_door=yes

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