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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Bürste
Tagging: lanes=*
Applies to: linear
Definition: Extends the definition of lanes tags to express the use of every lane. Expressed in the direction of way, L to R.
Rendered as: Rendered as lines next to each other or as 3D view.
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2011-06-24


The latest tries to tag highways with lane information are have the following issues. They are mostly hardly readable, means you can't see on first look what they represent. Mostly more than one tag is used, like for :left and :right or for bus lanes. This makes it hard to parse, cause as programmer you have to search everything for special tags which may express something about the road. Search for errors in tagging is often not quite easy, you have to think about the structure of the tags.

My proposal tries to fix this problems while remaining the old tag schema as often as useful, means you don't have to retag everything. Its easy to parse and very flexible, you can express with it nearly every road combination with easy, lightweight tags.

Advantages compared to other (unfinished) systems
  • All information in one tag.
  • Existing concept is only expanded.
  • The representation in the tag is vivid.
  • Extremely flexible without being very complex.
  • Simplest parsing for programmers.
  • Errors in tagging are immediately obvious.

Current Use

  • Lanes=n may represent by the number n and (implied) oneway=no the lanes of both sides of the street.
  • Lanes=n may represent by the number n and explicit oneway=yes the lanes of the traffic flow in one direction.

New Values


combining two values
  • x+x          assign more than one value to this lane
lane segmentation
  • x,x          separates lanes - you may change.
  • x;x          separates lanes - you may not change (anymore).
flow segmentation
  • x:x          separates directions - you are allowed to turn.
  • x#x          separates directions - you are not allowed to turn.
flow segmentations with separation
  • x#y#x        separates directions - y represents the separation here.(allows very fast mapping of i.e. motorways).
  • x#y#x#y#:x   very complex case, where you got two separations but in the middle of it a lane, like a fast lane for carpools. first and second x flows in the same direction.

Values X

Values ​​for X are always capitalized.
usual lanes
Each x may be a value of the following list or a number.
  • F - (straight) Forward
  • R - simple Right turn lane
  • L - simple Left turn lane
  • U - U turn lane (explicit)
  • G - Gateway (ramps of i.e. motorways)
Use this tag also on exit lanes of roundabouts. This is especially useful on Netherlands turbo-roundabouts.
two turn lanes in same direction
In case there is a turn lane, you might use the following to allow two types of turn lanes in same direction
  • SR - Slight Right turn lane
  • SL - Slight Left turn lane
  • UR - sharp (U turn like) Right turn but not in counterflow of same road
  • UL - sharp (U turn like) Left turn but not in counterflow of same road
special lanes
  • B - Bus lane
  • CP - CarPool lane

Values Y

Values ​​for Y are always lowercase. You are free to use everything you want to, except values used for X.
  • curb - curbstone
  • cb - CrashBarrier
  • grass - grassy strip


Lanes ex example1.png

Lanes ex example2.png

Lanes ex example3.png

Lanes ex example4.png


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