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Note: In a funny coincidence members of the German community started drafting zero_waste=* shortly after I created this proposal: There's now an international discussion at

Low waste and zero waste
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: M!dgard
Tagging: low_waste=*
Applies to: node area relation
Definition: Point out that an organisation actively avoids waste

Draft started: 2019-05-28


Introduce the tag low_waste=yes/zero_waste/no.


This would be useful information for people looking to minify their footprint.

The only tag the author could find currently in OSM was TagInfo zero_waste=*. Such a strict criterion (zero waste) excludes some shops that do a great effort to avoid waste, but do make some compromises. Another alternative was packaging_free=*, but this excludes shops that offer packaged goods where you are expected to bring back the packaging for refill by the manufacturer.


node Ohne Natuurlijk Onverpakt in Ghent. This shop would get low_waste=yes.


  • low_waste=yes: avoids waste
  • low_waste=zero_waste: produces and sells absolutely no waste that can't be composted. Packaging such as glass pots that customers should return is allowed. Recyclable packaging is debatable – what do you think?
  • low_waste=no: does not avoid waste enough to be tagged with low_waste=yes

Applies to

Shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, other facilities.

Features/Pages affected

A "see also" link on organic=* should be added.