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For shops that sell goods without plastic packaging for ecological reasons. Edit or translate this description.
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zero_waste=* is a key for shops that largely do without packaging material. The trend to largely do without garbage is spreading in the buying habits of more and more people. This has led to small businesses, that do not use (plastic) packaging for ecological reasons; environmentally neutral, biodegradable packaging may possibly be used. The goods are removed loosely. As a rule, customers bring suitable containers, bags, etc. with them. However, reusable containers can also be purchased on site, also as deposit containers. The products are often organic goods. But also unpacked drugstore products and household goods are sold there. So-called "milk filling stations", i.e. vending machines on farms, open 24 hours a day and can be equipped with this tag. There are if necessary also land products such as eggs in the loose sales. Also there are meanwhile larger Zero-Waste markets, market halls and individual fruit and vegetable departments.

How to map?

The key zero_waste=* can be added to shop=*, often to shop=convenience.
Also to amenity=marketplace if the above applies.


  • zero_waste=yes - when the shop sells goods without packing (not specifying).
  • zero_waste=only - if the shop sells goods only without packing.

See also

  • bulk_purchase=* - Here the goods can be "poured in" with quantities of the customer's request via so-called bulk bins (transparent large containers). The packaging is provided, or must be brought along. The difference in weight (product minus packaging) is paid by the buyer. Most Zero Waste retail stores can be marked with this tag.
  • organic=* because such shops often also sell organic products.
  • For wholesale use wholesale=*.

In discussion

  • The tagging is currently under discussion in the German forum: [1]
  • Also in the french forum: [2]

Extended discussion

The wish was discussed to introduce an additional tag to indicate the carrying of own containers and the acceptance of shops to fill the goods there.
A proposal: bring_packaging=welcome,yes,no