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A grocery is a retail store that specializes in selling non-perishable food. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Shops
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A grocery is a retail store that specializes in selling non-perishable food.

This tag is intended to be used for a traditional grocery shop. Typically these are more specialized than a supermarket or convenience store. Because they are specialists they will often be found on the high street, alongside other specialist shops. They may specialize in selling imported foods from another country.

Supermarkets and convenience stores are sometimes described as grocery businesses, especially in North America. However shop=grocery tag is not intended for these. U.S. and Canadian "grocery stores" are mostly not shop=grocery in the sense of this tag. Use shop=supermarket or shop=convenience instead. Both supermarkets and convenience stores stock a broad range of goods outside the "non-perishable food" category.

A shop that specializes in selling fruits and vegetables is a greengrocer. Use shop=greengrocer instead.

See Also

  • shop=general - a small shop with a much wider range of products, often including fruits, vegetables, tools, and building supplies. It sells everything because it is the only shop for miles around.
  • shop=greengrocer - a shop that primarily sells fruits and vegetables
  • shop=convenience - A small local shop carrying a variety of everyday products and convenience items
  • shop=supermarket - A large shop carrying a wide variety of products including groceries, fruits, vegetables and meats
  • shop=kiosk - a very small shop or stall (a kiosk) selling cigarettes, newspapers, sweets, snacks, and convenience items.