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Meadow Orchard compromise
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Jojo4u
Tagging: meadow/orchard=meadow_orchard
Applies to: area
Definition: A meadow orchard (german: "Streuobstwiese")

Draft started: 2017-02-09



Note: Most of the text is from the original proposal by User:StupidFlanders


A meadow orchard (german: "Streuobstwiese") is a meadow with scattered fruit trees or fruit trees that are planted in a field. It is a traditional landscape in the temperate, maritime climate of continental Western Europe. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Streuobstwiesen were a kind of a rural community orchard that were intended for productive cultivation of stone fruit. In recent years, ecologists have successfully lobbied for state subsidies to valuable habitats, biodiversity and natural landscapes, which are also used to preserve old meadow orchards. Both conventional and meadow orchards provide a suitable habitat for many animal species that live in a cultured landscape. A notable example is the hoopoe that nests in tree hollows of old fruit trees and, in the absence of alternative nesting sites, is threatened in many parts of Europe, because of the destruction of old orchards.


Tagging is possible in combination with landuse=meadow or landuse=orchard.

landuse=meadow + meadow=meadow_orchard
landuse=orchard + orchard=meadow_orchard


The usage of a subtag for an established landuse tag is consensus among mappers.

Mappers which are guided by apparent view mostly see landuse=meadow a better fit. Other mappers with a more scientific view are seeing landuse=orchard a better fit [1]. Lacking a consensus, this proposal just allows both and focuses on standardizing the subtag instead.

An alternative tagging could by landuse=meadow+meadow=orchard and landuse=orchard+orchard=meadow. The following arguments are against this

  • Meadow_orchard is already introduced by the original proposal and used 259+160 times vs. 87+0 times.
  • Streuobstwiese is a single concept, using one value instead of two makes this clearer

The term meadow orchard is mentioned on the English Wikipedia and the English Collins Dictionary.


Idea: Same as landuse=meadow with additional little tree icons. Meadoworchard proposal 01.png

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