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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: pointhi
Tagging: model_sport:*=*
Applies to:
Definition: Tagging for model-sport relevant things
Drafted on: 2014-03-10

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Modellflugplatz Klein Karben
simple model airfield

There was a simmilar definition for model sport facillities: Proposed_features/Model_Aerodrome, but I think a complete new tagging scheme would be an better idea as improving the current tagging.

The reason for this is, model aerodrome is probably the biggest field of model sport with clubs and other facilities, but not the only one. There are also clubs for boats or cars, including racetrack or club buildings.


description key comment
define a place, where model sport is allowed official (including slopes,...) sport=model_sport
define a area, which is used of a model sport club. This area also include general definitions and restricitions. leisure=model_sport

Allowed engines

Engines can be allowed, disallowed or allowed at special time (same syntax like Key:opening_hours)

description key comment
electric drive model_sport:electric=yes/no/*
combustion engine model_sport:combustion=yes/no/*
turbine drive model_sport:turbine=yes/no/*
pulsejet model_sport:pulsejet=yes/no/*

Allowed vehicles

description key comment
plane model_sport:plane=yes/no/tolerated
helicopter model_sport:helicopter=yes/no/tolerated
car model_sport:car=yes/no/tolerated
ship model_sport:ship=yes/no/tolerated

General restrictions

description key comment
maximun noise (dB) model_sport:noise=*
guests with models allowed? model_sport:guests=yes/no/on_request
hours in which club operation occour model_sport:operating_hours=* same Tagging as Key:opening_hours

model aerodrome restrictions, facilities

description key comment
maximum weight model_sport:aerodrome:mass=*
maximum wingspan model_sport:aerodrome:wingspan=*
maximum flight height model_sport:aerodrome:flight_height=*
winch (for gliders) model_sport:aerodrome:winch=yes/no


description key comment
waterway for water planes or ships available? model_sport:water=yes/no necessary?
workshop available? model_sport:workshop=yes/no
power supply available? model_sport:power_supply=yes/no

Objects on a Model sports field

description key comment
Runway model_sport=runway aeroway=runway is my opinion a bad idea, because the runway is not used for man wearing aviation
frequency panel model_sport=frequency_panel

Areas, in which models may be operated (or may not be operated)

Partial models may be operated only at defined locations, or specific locations are not allowed (eg spectator area)

Probably, the using of model vehicles is is time related, then same syntax like Key:opening_hours

description key comment
model sport allowed model_sport:permisions=yes/no/*
model aerodrome allowed model_sport:permisions:aerodrome=yes/no/*
model ships allowed model_sport:permisions:ship=yes/no/*
model cars allowed model_sport:permisions:car=yes/no/*