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Multiple Tracks
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Skunk
Tagging: tracks=single, double, left, right
Applies to: way
Definition: For multiple railroad tracks

Rendered as: Renders multiple tracks next to each other
Draft started: 2009-03-23

Often double railway-tracks are only inserted to the database as single way. This key should tell the amount of tracks.

Possible values

tracks=single or =1

tracks=single or tracks=1 This is a single track. Default for railway=rail.

tracks=double or =2

tracks=double or tracks=2 This way represents two parallel tracks. Default for railway=tram.

tracks=3, 4, ...

tracks=3 or tracks=4 ... This way represents the specified amount of parallel tracks.

tracks=right or =left

tracks=right or tracks=left This key only applies to railways that share the way with a highway (or share the same nodes). It specifies that tracks are only on one side of the road.

Current Usage

This key is not widely used yet (as of 2009-03-23), there are some tests in Vienna [1].

Usage in Europe (as of 23-07-2009): tracks=... 2 (2090), 1 (972), 4 (234), 8 (8), 5 (8), 3 (5), single (4), grade3 (3), left (2), stairs (1), multiple (1), 25 (1), 6 (1), right (1), 7 (1)

Usage in Australia-Oceania (as of 23-07-2009): tracks 2 (41), 4 (4), 8 (2), 3 (2), 1 (1)

Possible Caveats

There could be problems on the connection between single- and double-tracks. Maybe a Key 'switch' can be introduced to specify how to handle them.

  • If you switch from modelling multiple-tracks-on-one-way to one-way-per-track prior to the split, then you make it a lot cleaner for the renderer to handle. They can deal with making that transition look clean, given that track separation is a near-standard 3m, then you can send the separate lines off in different directions (eg a tram terminous loop).--RichardMann 13:58, 19 June 2009 (UTC)


This key is supported by the following renderers:

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