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Power utility office
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: aseques, Dimtar155
Tagging: office=power_utility
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: The office for a power utility company

Rendered as: icon of a lightning or similar
Draft started: 2015-10-20
RFC start: 2022-11-18


I propose to:


office=energy_supplier can be quite confusing since it can be related to power retail or power supply which are quite different from each other. Power retail companies sell power to home users, public buildings and private companies. Power supply companies on the other hand take care of the network's infrastructure (power poles, cables and substations).


Tag Usage
office=power_utility Required
name=* Important
opening_hours=* Optional
operator=* Optional
wheelchair=* Optional


This tag should be used for the offices of a company or agency that runs the power utilities for a given area (district, city, region, state, etc.). For example, "Metro Power Services". It should not be used for power plants or power transportation infrastructure.

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