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Power utility office
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: aseques
Tagging: office=power_utility
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: The office for a power & light utility company
Rendered as: icon of a lightning or similar
Drafted on: 2015-10-20
RFC start: 2015-10-20


This is a proposal for tagging power utility offices, i.e. the place where you go to sign up for power & light / electricity services, pay your power bill, or apply for permits. There is already a whole category for power related infrastructure at WikiProject_Power_networks, but there's no current tag for the offices. This is an important feature to show on maps since everyone who lives in a city will probably have to visit it at least once to sign up for power services. I created this proposal starting from the Tag:office=water_utility because the need for it is quite the same and it would make sense to have both.


  • office=power_utility

The office itself.

  • operator=

The name of the company or agency that runs the office and operates the utility.

  • name=

The name of the office, for example, "Tesla light & power main office". This is the name that would be displayed on the map.


This tag would be for the offices of a company or agency that runs the power utilities for a city or town. For example, "Metro Power Services". It would not be for power generation plants or power transportation infrastructure. There would generally be a few office per city or town depending on the companies operating in the area.