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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: k4r573n
Tagging: site=marketplace
Applies to: relation
Definition: This proposal covers a more detailed view on how to map a market.
Rendered as: Identical to amenity=marketplace
Drafted on: 2013-03-01

The aim of this Proposal is to provide a more detailt posibility to map a marketplace. Therefore it needs to offer the posibility to add as well stalls. Moreover I tried to reuse the already mapped surface which results in this proposal:


  • mapping of temporary Elements -> may be use an other database?!
  • stalls: invent new tags (bad) - no visibility on other maps (good) / reuse old tags (good) but on all other maps (bad)



Key Value Comment Recommendation
type site Defines a site. mandatory
site marketplace will define a marketplace mandatory
name * The name of the market recommended
operator * Operator of the market. recommended
opening_hours * When is market time? recommended
inside yes/no whether the market takes inside place (default: outside) optional

Members of a market place:

Way or Node Role Recurrence? Comment
node label one Defines where to place the label
area relation perimeter zero or one Area or multipolygon defining the perimeter of the site
node entrance zero or more Node(s) on the perimeter defining the entrances to the site
node way area place zero or more The marketplace, streets, market hall, ... where the market takes place
node area relation stall zero or more A trader's stall which existis only while market time.


How to map regular attending market stalls:

include as well a reference to the producing farm
Key Value Comment Recommendation
shop market Idea 1 how to tag mandatory
shop * Idea 2 how to tag mandatory
temporarily yes Idea 2 how to tag mandatory
organic yes / no Whether you can buy there organic food. optional
name * The name of the stall optional
operator * Operator of the market stall. (eg. the farm) recommended
opening_hours * When is it open? (higher priority than market opening_hours) recommended


TODO add an Example


Hopefully you can help with you Feedback -> Talk:Proposed_features/Site_Marketplace

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