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Here I've got some thoughts what we could do with OSM - what I've done - and where I'm currently working on

What I'm doing currently or plan to do?

Thinking of an Open Climbing Map

  • a map were you can add and modify crags, boulders and routes (sync with OSM)
  • provide an editor to add and modify topos
    • upload image
    • use some html 5 stuf to allow vectorising the rock (edges, cracks, plants, ...)
    • connect rock featuers to climbing routes
  • allow to create favorite lists of routes
  • export as pdf: fravorite lists in local language, with difficulty rating and space to rate beauty and difficulty
  • convert difficulty in user wished format
  • let user rate difficulty and beauty of route
  • allow to log reached routes with timestamp an team (toprope, lead climbing, ...)
  • generate nice statistics (total high, reached tops, added routes)

too bad it's too much to program it in the near future...

Experimenting with Map overlays

the plan is to create/search an easy to use open source Toolchain to generate a slippy map overlay with POIs out of the OSM database.

  • it should run on free web hosts
  • update the database nearly automaticly
  • use the database even from forign websites
  • easy to use in your own project/website
  • easy to extend current status

mapping POIs

Especially shops and post_boxes (there have to be enough opening_hours tags for the planed ORTM ^^).
To find incomplete POIs I use a script (User:k4r573n/old#osm2gpx) to filter and create a gpx from an osm-file.

see here how I map Education POIS

Future Projects - or - what I'm dreaming of ^^


This project aimes to provide informations of all education entitys in Brunswick.

Open Real Time Map (ORTM)

...this could be a Map like OpenLinkMap - (an browser embedded OSM map with a JavaScript overlay). ORTM should have special Icons depending on the opening_hours or collection_times of the object and the current time. So you can see whether the shop is open or not ;)
Maybe we can use the same basic scripts than OLM so we wont develop all stuff again. Currently I'm experimenting with map overlays lets see what the result might be!

Blindpeople's OSM

The map gets currently its information out of a text file so its really really slow. The idea is to use the source of OLM and load the required information dynamically out of a database. Development has started see here.

Indoor mapping

Sometimes I want a map to show others were special rooms are. So I would be glad if my old school could handle me some plans so that I can test this for an useful issue. By the way indoor routing would be nice too ;).

Finished stuff



thoughts on education mapping

Intersting to know

insteresting pages